IMG_1914Hello, this is Christine!

Former Chemist (even though she studied Microbiology in college) who one day decided that she didn’t want do it anymore. Not that she hated it (even though at times she said she did) but because it was too soon to settle.

She wanted to live…
She wanted to travel…
She wanted new experiences…

She wanted to better herself and the only way to do this was to give up the things that held her down. She quit her job in June 2017 and to this day, although a risky move, was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

She started this blog to document and share her experiences with the intention of inspiring others to live a life not like everyone else. This blog has no specific aim. But you will realize, if you follow Christine, that the content of her blog is all over the place (travel, food, philosophy, sarcasm, ramblings and maybe some love if one day she decides to talk about it). Nonetheless, it has personality all over it. You may like it or not…but what’s important is that she is putting her introverted self out there.

Do you know how uncomfortable she felt uploading that picture of herself on here? Very uncomfortable. But its just one of the little things she does to get herself out of her comfort zone.

She’s never blogged before nor is she familiar with how it all works. But she is curious and any feedback (good or bad) is good feedback. Meanwhile, she’s “Just Wandering” around :p