The Things I Like About Myself

  • I like making people laugh
  • My mom use to tell me: “It’s good to make people laugh. It makes people feel good and it’s free” – My Mom 😀

    Laughing is like seriously the best thing ever. Okay, maybe the 2nd or 3rd best thing. My point is, it’s way up there. And I LOVE happy people.

    Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who really is affected by the moods of the people around me. If you are sad, I will feel sad to. If you are angry, I won’t get angry but I will feel the raging-fire within you. I’m very sensitive like that. I don’t like it…but to deal with this I prefer to be with the most happiest/fun people available (if they are ok having me around) and I like to think that I make some contribution as a thanks for having me around.

    • I can be spontaneous
    • I have this YOLO mentality that makes want to do things in the moment. Life is too short after all. I sometimes wish others would see it this way as well.

    • I’m independent
    • If I could throw my hands up at you, I would (this is a reference to Destiny’s Child song “Independent Woman”). I do what I want, when I want. I don’t wait for anyone and I don’t expect anyone to wait for me. Like I said before…”Life is too short”…you can’t be waiting around forever.

    • I’m very open-minded
    • Now, I didn’t always use to be this way. I raised up to be a “super-Christian”. I mean it wasn’t that strict compared other denominations but I did feel a bit brained washed. That all started to change when I left home to go to college in Oregon. But that’s another story. But since then, I’ve accumulated life experiences that questioned everything in which I was raised. Now, I’ve been doing things that would send me to hell. And to be honest, I’m not too worried about it 🙂

    • I’m always changing
    • Once in awhile I always look back in my life. I think about old friends, encounters, teachers, experiences and etc. What I came to realize is that my life has not always been a set of related continuous events.

      As a child, I wanted to be an artist. At one point, it was a fashion designer.

      As a teenager, I wanted to be a musician. I thought being a musician was my calling.

      After high school, I studied in the sciences even though I always hated it. My parents didn’t support my desire to be a musician and to honor them I chose to major in Biology with the intent of becoming some kind of doctor.

      In college, I volunteered to do research. Turns out that I actually LOVED it and eventually got money doing it while I was studying. I got the support from my mother and I thought that was it. I applied to graduate school and got it. But under “What the F***” circumstances, I didn’t end up going at all. Instead, I was forced to work. Luckily, I found work in a lab (not research) and made enough money to fund my dreams.

      Now, I quit that job to learn how to code. I had quit my job because I didn’t want to do it anymore and because I was afraid that if I didn’t leave soon…there would be circumstances later on that would prevent me from doing so. Now I am here in Berlin, writing about it.

      I like it this way as I have taken and seen many paths. I don’t feel obligated to stay on one track, although I have been pressured to choose. I don’t understand why my life panned out like this but I do wonder what would have happened if my life would have followed one track. But I don’t think I would be who I am today…and I’m pretty happy with my life and the things I have done. Definitely, it does not end here. I may change again…you never know with me.




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