Things I Don’t Like About Myself

    1. I am introverted

This not necessarily a bad thing. I remember watching a TED talk about how introverted people make great leaders. But then I also saw another bullshit TED talk about “How To Spot A Leader In Their Handwriting” (watch it and you will roll your eyes too). Basically, I don’t know how credible those TED talks are but I always hear about them and how influential/inspirational they are. For the most part they are except for that handwriting/leadership talk….just watch it. I made it clickable for you so you can see what I’m talking about.

Anyways, I don’t like being introverted. It makes me look like a loner, which I am perfectly ok with, if only it didn’t make me appear anti-social. People think something is wrong with me, maybe there is, but to be honest I don’t like being watched or questioned. I just need my space. Let me think about my own nonsense like….

 “Why are strawberries still expensive even when its strawberry season?”

 “Why is everyone at working getting electric cars where there are only two charging stations in the parking lot?”

“What did I have for breakfast? Did I even have breakfast? Did I skip it? Wait, does it matter? Breakfast is just the first meal of the day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the morning, Right?”

See what I mean? Anyways,  I don’t think my thoughts would be of interest to anyone. Not normal right? What’s it to me if everyone is driving electric cars? It’s not like its affecting me. But still…I still think these things.

    1. I can be very impulsive

This is good and/or bad in my honest opinion.  Sometimes I commit to something and don’t think things out.

For example, I will like overbook things because I got too excited not realizing that I am not able to rearrange my schedule.

Another example, I saw a really cheap flight to go to Paris. I didn’t even want to go to Paris but because the cost of the flight was dirt floor cheap I just booked it without a second thought. In the end it was a great trip, but still….

    1. My mood changes quickly

I can go from “0 to 100, baby real quick” – Drake from Degrassi (yeah, I remember you from Degrassi).

I am like a high energy photon. I can have A LOT of energy at one-point in time and then 1 hour later its gone. I don’t care for it anymore. I’m not excited anymore.

    1. I can sometimes be over dramatic

I exaggerate A LOT! I even get annoyed with myself.

Scenario #1:  I find an empty tub of ice cream with just a spoonful left.

Me: “Like seriously? Really!?!?!? you couldn’t throw it away?  People these days…I don’t understand…I give up…”

Scenario #2: I’m being super nice on the road and I’m letting someone from the next lane merge into mine. They don’t say thank you.

Me: “Really?!?!?!? You are just going to cut me off and act like I didn’t give way?!?!? Who do you think you are?!?!?! Kim Kardishian?!?! HELL NO! That’s it! I’m never going to be nice ever again. You are nice once, and people will just walk all over you. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN….”

Yeah…this is me.

    1. I am very sensitive

I act really tough sometimes but my feelings are easily hurt. Not only do I hold grudges but I do take things personally even if its a joke.  But sometimes I can’t tell if its a joke or if its for real and that’s another thing.


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