My Top 5 iphone Apps

    1. Instagram

What can I say? I love taking pictures. I love capturing moments. I also love sharing photos with my followers while I am still active.  I admit, I can be selective with what I share with people. I will share only the good things. The bad things…those are stories that I may not want to remember and if I don’t want to remember them why would I want to share them? You get me?

    1. Yelp

I’m always looking for a new place to check out because when your life is boring, like mine, the only thing that you can do conveniently is try something new, see something new, eat something new etc. Here you can check out reviews, pictures and overall ratings for a place to see if its worth your interest.

    1. Hitlist

I love to check out this app for travel deals! The only downside is that the dates are not flexible at all and the price will change if you wait to long. Flights are pre-set. So if you see that a 4-day trip to New York City from Los Angeles is only $120 then they are offering just that. You will not be allowed to extended and switch dates. All deals are pre-set for you. I once got a round trip flight to Houston, TX from Los Angeles, CA for only $87. I thought it was a sweet deal.

But anyways, if you are a traveler and have an iphone YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! I highly recommend you guys check it out 😀

    1. Shazam

Have you ever went into a store and they were blasting this BOMB-ASS song that you’ve never heard of before and want to listen to it again on repeat for the next two weeks? Think fast! You can use this “Recognition” app while this song is still playing (That’s why I told ya’ll to think fast because if you wait too long you will miss it) and it will tell you the title of the song and the artist. It also gives you the opportunity to purchase the song via itunes.

I’m always hearing new songs left and right and lets just say…itunes is taking my money.

    1. Pinterest

I don’t want to downplay this app but its basically a social network of ideas, projects, products….everything! I typically use it to find inspirational quotes, projects and anything else related to travel. I love this app and I think you would too! It has everything for everyone.


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