Foodie Adventures: Little Damage

The other day a few co-workers and I decided that before work we would try this ice cream shop in Downtown LA (DTLA). Ugh…I hate DTLA and every time I think of DTLA I just want to give up on my life. It seems like the people driving through never know how to drive and not only that the city is always under construction somewhere, on some large street. Like seriously, when are you guys going to be done already? Are you actually fixing something? Get to work! What’s broken that needs to be fixed? Like for real?


But anyways, I am writing this to tell ya’ll, that I wanted to check out this ice cream spot that s very popular because of their black ice cream. which I discovered via instagram (btw I am  a very active user if you don’t know me already). Its a very small-corner-soft-serve joint called “Little Damage” and the first time I saw their black-stallion-of-an-ice cream, I was committed to have it no matter what (the only thing stopping me was that it was in DTLA, but I got over it real quick). No regrets….

My review: Now, I am not going to preach to the choir saying that this was the best ice cream I’ve everIMG_0045 had. It was good….not great…but as gimmicky as it is, “Little Damage” can make a few sacrifices and still do well. They don’t need to make great ice cream. They don’t need to make good ice cream. They can get by with decent. All they have to do is make it make it black. Its GREAT marketing!!!! Then you have hundreds and thousands of people like myself, who will go out of their way for to try it, take the typical ice cream cone shot, post it on instagram and VOILA!!! They have people coming to try it out along with people who are coming to understand the hype as well as. If you want my opinion (why are you here if you didn’t?)…I think this place is all HYPE.

Now, a wise man once told me, “Once you go black you, never go back”. I use to believe this philosophy to be true. Although I did enjoy the icy concoction at that moment I really don’t see myself going again. To me, “Little Damage” was more of  a “one-and-done” kind of deal. A great experience but not worth reliving again because 1) It’s DTLA and 2) Parking will cost more than the ice cream itself.

All in all, if you want to try it I say go for it and experience it yourself. The flavors I got were Dark Cinn  (a horchata flavor which is a bit confusing because horchata  is usually a milky white color. But whatever, I don’t really have the energy to ask these sort of questions) and Avocado Dream. Both tasted pretty good. The Avocado Dream was very refreshing, light and creamy. Dark Cinn, was the exact opposite. It was very sweet. Out of the two flavors I choose Avocado Dream to be my numero uno. The flavor selection is also very limited to only four flavors. But don’t expect to see vanilla and/or chocolate because it won’t be there.

IMG_0017The black cone was also very visually appealing. All three of my co-workers really praised the black cone even more than the ice cream itself. Honestly, to me it just tasted like a regular waffle cone and you can’t convince me otherwise.

My rating: 3/5

Little Damage – 700 S Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90014 –




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