The “Road Map” to my life (Part I)

Growing up I already knew I was pre-set with the “standard” guidelines for my life.

After elementary school I would go to middle school.

After middle school I would go to high school.

After high school I would go to college.

After college I would get a job.

After I got my job I would get married.

After I got married I would buy a house.

Then I would have kids.

I would raise my kids until they were 18.

Support those kids through college.

Support them until they were stable enough to get good jobs.

Live day to day looking forward to my kids getting married and starting their own families.

Taking care of the grand kids.

Looking forward to retirement.

Retiring and then traveling to see the world.

Live until 100.


I wonder if there is anyone else who was raised with this idea in mind…But let’s be honest not everyone will live until they are a 100.

Just very recently an American student, who just arrived from North Korea after being imprisoned for a year, died only six days after being released. He was only 24 years old.









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