Currently Reading: Beginning Rails 4

I just attended Rails Girls 2017 in Los Angeles, CA and I got this book from my coach called  “Beginning Rails 4”.

Now, I hate reading. I always did except for one year in middle school where I was reading an entire book everyone two days. I was a “reading superstar” back in those days. But that was my past. Now, I am one of those people who prefers instant information rather than looking for the answer because I live in world where if we want something we want it NOW!

In college, instead of reading the textbook chapters I was watching youtube videos for content. If I wanted to learn something, I always assumed that there would be a video for it. However, I now learned that I have limited myself to only this mode of learning and this is very bad.

I started reading this book and there is soo much content, which can be very intimidating, but if you are already familiar with the topic it becomes very interesting and really builds on what you already know.

Reading is a slow process but in the end if you can get something out of it…you are winning! 😀

I am currently learn Ruby on Rails…as part of my coding journey. I hope to update more and more as a way to track my progress. Any one wants to do this with me?

Hit me up!!


Top 5: Excuses We Tell Ourselves

I’m too old

This is probably the most annoying one for me. But what’s even more annoying is that when people say that they can’t do but that I can. Too be honest, if we kept telling ourselves that we are too old for anything…we really are just wasting time. And when we waste time, eventually we do get to old. A 40-year-old single man told me he was too old to go back to school. When I went to college, I had a friend in her early 40’s and who had 5 kinds. Now, I don’t know what happened to her but I admire that despite her circumstances she went for it.

So guys, don’t say you are too old for anything. Age is just a number and if age doesn’t matter…”What are you waiting for? You’re wasting time

I’m too busy

I’m just going to say this. Stop watching your favorite TV shows. I know you always make time for that.

I don’t have enough money

I completely understand that sometimes you may not have the funds to do whatever you want.

But I am talking about you guys who spend your money on alcohol, expensive gym memberships, designer purses and drive luxury cars. If you have these things, you have money but you be spending it on the wrong things.

I’m bad at this…thus, I can’t do this

I must admit that I am guilty of this. Sometimes if I feel defeated I find ways to justify why I can’t do this or do that.

For example, in high school I hated math and science. Like, I serious despised that shit. I remember when I took chemistry my second year in high school I promised myself that I would never take another chemistry class again. And you know what?!???! I broke that promise 😀

I went to go study Microbiology in which I had to take a shit ton of chemistry courses (ironically more than the actually microbiology courses). I took 3+ years worth of chemistry. Was it easy? Hell no! But I did and was even in the honors program at my school

I can’t do this because so-and-so needs me

You should ask yourself this. Are you really that important? Or do you think are that important?

If you had only 3 months to live…

“If you were told that you only had 3 months to live what would you do?”

First, I would quit my job without a two week notice.

Second, I would plan see all the people who I loved most and spend as much time with them as possible.

Lastly, do all the things I wanted to do but didn’t get to do because I acted like I couldn’t.

If you only had 3 months to live what would you do differently?

I wonder…

You know how everyone claims that they think they are “open-minded”?

Have you met someone who has ever claimed that they were “closed-minded”?

You know how people are always apologizing because they are “bad with names”?

Do you know anyone whose good with them?

In college, you know how people claim that they study all night for a test only to fail it?

Have you asked them how they studied? Because studying in-between commercial breaks is not how to do it.

I’m just wondering….



I’m just wondering…


The Things I Like About Myself

  • I like making people laugh
  • My mom use to tell me: “It’s good to make people laugh. It makes people feel good and it’s free” – My Mom 😀

    Laughing is like seriously the best thing ever. Okay, maybe the 2nd or 3rd best thing. My point is, it’s way up there. And I LOVE happy people.

    Unfortunately, I am the kind of person who really is affected by the moods of the people around me. If you are sad, I will feel sad to. If you are angry, I won’t get angry but I will feel the raging-fire within you. I’m very sensitive like that. I don’t like it…but to deal with this I prefer to be with the most happiest/fun people available (if they are ok having me around) and I like to think that I make some contribution as a thanks for having me around.

    • I can be spontaneous
    • I have this YOLO mentality that makes want to do things in the moment. Life is too short after all. I sometimes wish others would see it this way as well.

    • I’m independent
    • If I could throw my hands up at you, I would (this is a reference to Destiny’s Child song “Independent Woman”). I do what I want, when I want. I don’t wait for anyone and I don’t expect anyone to wait for me. Like I said before…”Life is too short”…you can’t be waiting around forever.

    • I’m very open-minded
    • Now, I didn’t always use to be this way. I raised up to be a “super-Christian”. I mean it wasn’t that strict compared other denominations but I did feel a bit brained washed. That all started to change when I left home to go to college in Oregon. But that’s another story. But since then, I’ve accumulated life experiences that questioned everything in which I was raised. Now, I’ve been doing things that would send me to hell. And to be honest, I’m not too worried about it 🙂

    • I’m always changing
    • Once in awhile I always look back in my life. I think about old friends, encounters, teachers, experiences and etc. What I came to realize is that my life has not always been a set of related continuous events.

      As a child, I wanted to be an artist. At one point, it was a fashion designer.

      As a teenager, I wanted to be a musician. I thought being a musician was my calling.

      After high school, I studied in the sciences even though I always hated it. My parents didn’t support my desire to be a musician and to honor them I chose to major in Biology with the intent of becoming some kind of doctor.

      In college, I volunteered to do research. Turns out that I actually LOVED it and eventually got money doing it while I was studying. I got the support from my mother and I thought that was it. I applied to graduate school and got it. But under “What the F***” circumstances, I didn’t end up going at all. Instead, I was forced to work. Luckily, I found work in a lab (not research) and made enough money to fund my dreams.

      Now, I quit that job to learn how to code. I had quit my job because I didn’t want to do it anymore and because I was afraid that if I didn’t leave soon…there would be circumstances later on that would prevent me from doing so. Now I am here in Berlin, writing about it.

      I like it this way as I have taken and seen many paths. I don’t feel obligated to stay on one track, although I have been pressured to choose. I don’t understand why my life panned out like this but I do wonder what would have happened if my life would have followed one track. But I don’t think I would be who I am today…and I’m pretty happy with my life and the things I have done. Definitely, it does not end here. I may change again…you never know with me.



Things I Don’t Like About Myself

    1. I am introverted

This not necessarily a bad thing. I remember watching a TED talk about how introverted people make great leaders. But then I also saw another bullshit TED talk about “How To Spot A Leader In Their Handwriting” (watch it and you will roll your eyes too). Basically, I don’t know how credible those TED talks are but I always hear about them and how influential/inspirational they are. For the most part they are except for that handwriting/leadership talk….just watch it. I made it clickable for you so you can see what I’m talking about.

Anyways, I don’t like being introverted. It makes me look like a loner, which I am perfectly ok with, if only it didn’t make me appear anti-social. People think something is wrong with me, maybe there is, but to be honest I don’t like being watched or questioned. I just need my space. Let me think about my own nonsense like….

 “Why are strawberries still expensive even when its strawberry season?”

 “Why is everyone at working getting electric cars where there are only two charging stations in the parking lot?”

“What did I have for breakfast? Did I even have breakfast? Did I skip it? Wait, does it matter? Breakfast is just the first meal of the day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the morning, Right?”

See what I mean? Anyways,  I don’t think my thoughts would be of interest to anyone. Not normal right? What’s it to me if everyone is driving electric cars? It’s not like its affecting me. But still…I still think these things.

    1. I can be very impulsive

This is good and/or bad in my honest opinion.  Sometimes I commit to something and don’t think things out.

For example, I will like overbook things because I got too excited not realizing that I am not able to rearrange my schedule.

Another example, I saw a really cheap flight to go to Paris. I didn’t even want to go to Paris but because the cost of the flight was dirt floor cheap I just booked it without a second thought. In the end it was a great trip, but still….

    1. My mood changes quickly

I can go from “0 to 100, baby real quick” – Drake from Degrassi (yeah, I remember you from Degrassi).

I am like a high energy photon. I can have A LOT of energy at one-point in time and then 1 hour later its gone. I don’t care for it anymore. I’m not excited anymore.

    1. I can sometimes be over dramatic

I exaggerate A LOT! I even get annoyed with myself.

Scenario #1:  I find an empty tub of ice cream with just a spoonful left.

Me: “Like seriously? Really!?!?!? you couldn’t throw it away?  People these days…I don’t understand…I give up…”

Scenario #2: I’m being super nice on the road and I’m letting someone from the next lane merge into mine. They don’t say thank you.

Me: “Really?!?!?!? You are just going to cut me off and act like I didn’t give way?!?!? Who do you think you are?!?!?! Kim Kardishian?!?! HELL NO! That’s it! I’m never going to be nice ever again. You are nice once, and people will just walk all over you. IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN….”

Yeah…this is me.

    1. I am very sensitive

I act really tough sometimes but my feelings are easily hurt. Not only do I hold grudges but I do take things personally even if its a joke.  But sometimes I can’t tell if its a joke or if its for real and that’s another thing.

Quote #1 – Henry David Thoreau

“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” -Henry David Thoreau

Have you ever missed out on a great opportunity but didn’t take it because of someone else?

If yes, don’t do it again.

Do things alone.

Do things for yourself.

Never put yourself second.